Monday, March 7, 2011

Liferay Hello World tutorial

Thanks for EATJ hosting. They provide a very easy way to install Liferay.

Install Liferay:
1. Go to and sign up a Free Trial account.
2. Login to your EATJ account and click Create Liferay.
3. Click on Restart link and you will see a URL.
4. After waiting for 2 minutes, click on the URL.
5. You should see your Liferay home page.
At this point, you finished installation of Liferay.
6. Check Mysql database. Login to your EATJ account and click on MySQL 4.1 link

Login to Liferay as Administrator:
1. Click on sing in link on right up corner.
2. Administrator username/password is

Create Hello World Portlet:
1. Download Liferay Eclipse:
2. Downlaod Liferay SDK:
3. Create your first portlet.
4. Login to your EATJ ftp account and upload your first portlet to deploy directory.
5. Login to your Liferay as administrator username/password is
6. Click Add on left up corner => click More... => click Sample => click + icon to add your porlet.

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